Living with Rats

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Merry new year, don't get into any bar fights with your gma or youll get a good ol wrinkly sucker punch
If you hear some chirping in the background, I got me some birds.
Hamachi (helped draw some frames):
Rushlight Invader (helped with youtube rewind):
ALT LINK (If its not working):

Marlen De Jesus
Marlen De Jesus Пре 2 сата
The only pest I have is my spider his name is Papi spider
Jose Tomas Caceres Arenas
Jose Tomas Caceres Arenas Пре 3 сата
When I watched the video an add of disney appeared, good coincidence because this video is about mouses
Marselly Reales
Marselly Reales Пре 9 сати
6:42 LMAO-
LavenderxGacha Пре дан
Lmao atleast you got a tiny spider.. In the middle of my bath I got a huge ass spider that was tryna climb the ceiling right above me you might be like “ Oh Sara it’s not that bad! Just a daddy long leg.” I fought one of these many years ago when I was 4 and that BISH WAS HUGE! IT FOUGHT BACK! IT TOOK ABOUT 30 MINUTES! I won tho 😎but the centipede time.’ I was eating dinner and looked at the corner it was a centipede my grandpa just got up took a tissue and crumbled it up,4 mins later same thing happened I still look at that corner to this day.. k bye random person reading this
Moki Spills Tea
Moki Spills Tea Пре дан
Nice Daria reference :)
Dead Lock
Dead Lock Пре дан
You made my Alexa go off
Unknown Ahuizotl
Unknown Ahuizotl Пре дан
Tabbes: Alexa, play focus music My alexa: heres a playlist you might like-
skittles :]
skittles :] Пре дан
me:sees a big cockroach insert the scram in the video
Audrey DeAnda
Audrey DeAnda Пре 2 дана
I got the frickin roaches
Hass Hass
Hass Hass Пре 2 дана
Imagine Peta watching this
mateo boch 2
mateo boch 2 Пре 2 дана
Ants are the least harmfull
Johanna Martir
Johanna Martir Пре 2 дана
Living with daddy (LEGS) spiders is scary and kalm because they are harmless, but they're legs scare me. Yeah, I also think that rats are kinda cute, without seeing the tail. It's just they're soulless eyes and how tiny they look. They also look so soft to touch. I don't know what that one princess from that mouse saving a while entire kingdom and the princess freaking out over the rat thing was about, but whatever
Johanna Martir
Johanna Martir Пре 2 дана
I think I killed enough rats with traps that I've never seen a rat AGAIN
Lily Gilchrist
Lily Gilchrist Пре 2 дана
this is my favorite video you've ever made
Chill Dude
Chill Dude Пре 3 дана
02:26 song plz
YURO Chan *。w。*
YURO Chan *。w。* Пре 3 дана
Oh lord, you have animal shaped rats? Holy i thought rats meant hobo annoying siblings
I I Пре 3 дана
Spider yes cockroaches on hell no
Ellieawesomevideos Пре 3 дана
Me chilling knowing theres a rat in my house but i dont were* SNIFF* okay
Ivy Reske
Ivy Reske Пре 3 дана
Legit just got rats lol
ちゃんYuki Пре 3 дана
100th time me: one more..
Marytherse Merlino
Marytherse Merlino Пре 4 дана
I'm scared of spiders sometimes I see the spider in my room not in my room but the back room but I'm not killing it I'm starting to warm up to it but when it gets in my bag hell no one would it stay there what is the Democrats because I eat mashed potatoes and Doritos
Quinula Пре 4 дана
i got spiders (my spiders arent pests, i name them, this year's fred)
Joanna j. Garcia
Joanna j. Garcia Пре 5 дана
Pizza rat
Muskan Rahman
Muskan Rahman Пре 5 дана
My dad also folds the mice but instead of stomping on them, he'll make sure we're all watching and fold it until we hear that nice "crack" and than yeet it into the garbage
Pulpo Pol
Pulpo Pol Пре 5 дана
I'm terrified about mosquitoes tho, hoe can people think cockroaches are more ugly like look at that fuckers with their eerie buzzing, long hairy legs, big eyes, even when they try to land on you they spread their legs for the landing looking like some lovecraftian monster shit. I need a psychologist, I can't live in peace with those fuckers around.
TJBenn 12
TJBenn 12 Пре 5 дана
Is young don your husband
Voodoo Пре 7 дана
Ya brother
Harizen Studios
Harizen Studios Пре 7 дана
"AYEEE! How you doing Papi Eight Legs"- Tabbes Jan 1, 2019
André Scutti
André Scutti Пре 7 дана
0:20 he dropped a plate to kill a scorpion *BRUH*
Mr kill and clips
Mr kill and clips Пре 7 дана
0:34 did you just call him daddy 8 legs
Itz_Trace Пре 7 дана
I rather eat 20 rats than touch a cockroach
DeadPool Stories !
DeadPool Stories ! Пре 8 дана
Alexa play music for focus. *playing music for focus* Ad plays. Me: yep that’s deffinatley music for focus yep!
Claudia Hall
Claudia Hall Пре 8 дана
Okay, so I happen to handle mice differently then both Tabbes and her dad. I've only seen a mouse caught in a gluetrap once, and when it happened I looked up how to unstick them, even though my mother kept telling me it'd all be over in a day or two. So, my dumbass went outside in 20 degree weather at night and day on the back porch in the snow rubbing vegetable oil into the mouse's arms, legs, and stomach. It might have frozen to death outside after I finally got it out, I don't know, but at least it had a fighting chance. And, um, funnily enough, I'm actually raising two baby mice right now because they're mom died in my uncle's old house after giving birth to them, so, ha?
Hollie David Bailey
Hollie David Bailey Пре 8 дана
Me when I see a bug : 1:03
ryan hart
ryan hart Пре 9 дана
Your really nice to that mouse
tofu Da pom
tofu Da pom Пре 9 дана
My friends always freak out im that one person in the classroom who sits there but I don't like rats
Danger Пре 9 дана
Trust me turn on captions and watch this video all the way trough its so funny
Frisk The Human
Frisk The Human Пре 9 дана
“First it was Jerry then Nibbles and now me.” Tabbes: *drawing the mouse* The mouse: Wait Wait Wait Wait- uh ok.
David Ibanz
David Ibanz Пре 10 дана
Bonus ducks
Bonus ducks Пре 10 дана
Omg XD
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